Regional Port Emergency Plan

Purpose of the Regional Port Emergency Plan:

The purpose of the regional emergency plan is, in the event of an emergency within the limits of the Ports' geographical areas of responsibility, to specify means for raising the alarm, summoning assistance and establishing the role of organisations involved in order to co-ordinate the activities necessary in safeguarding life, property and the environment and to ensure that everyone is aware of the procedures to be adopted in the event of an emergency.


This regional emergency plan has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of S.26(1) of “The Dangerous Substances in Harbour Areas Regulations 1987 (DSHA) viz.:

“A harbour authority shall, before dangerous substances are handled in the harbour or harbour area, prepare and keep up to date, after consulting the emergency services and any other body which appears to it to be appropriate, an effective emergency plan for dealing with emergencies, which involve or could effect dangerous substances that are brought into or handled in the harbour area as the case may be.”

In order to deal effectively with a major incident there needs to be close co-operation between the Emergency Services, the Local Authority, and other agencies. A “multi-agency “ response to a major incident, where shared knowledge and resources are brought together, is a fundamental principle of Integrated Emergency Management (IEM). This approach will ensure that a major incident is efficiently and effectively brought to a successful conclusion. For this to happen in practice requires an understanding by all services and agencies of their own, and each others role and responsibilities. This protocol document does not seek to replace the emergencies procedures, plans or manuals of any of the services or agencies involved in the response to a major incident within the Ports.