ABP South Wales Ports

ABP's South Wales Ports of Barry, Cardiff, Newport, Port Talbot, and Swansea, are currently handling more than 12 million tonnes of cargo each year. The five ports cover an area of 3,400 acres and have the capability of handling ships up to 170,000 dwt at Port Talbot. Heavy industry still has a major influence on the cargoes handled in the South Wales Ports, e.g. coal iron ore, and steel; while there is an increasing range of other cargoes handled at our South Wales locations, including paper and pulp, chemicals, salt, agribulk products, bulk liquids - including caustic soda, edible oils, and refined petroleum products. The South Wales Ports not only meet the needs of the local regional economy, but their location with excellent road connections gives the South Wales Ports a competitive platform from which to serve the South West, West Midlands, and North West. Cardiff, Newport, and Barry also generate significant volumes of rail freight.

The ports have a substantial land bank and large maritime-related projects such as offshore wind development, and the construction of renewable energy plants fuelled by biomass can be accommodated. ABP also encourages other schemes to help in the regeneration of its ports in South Wales

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