The South Wales ports of Newport, Cardiff, Barry, Port Talbot and Swansea are owned and operated by Associated British Ports. This website may be used to access information common to all ports (such as terms and conditions of trade, planned shipping movements, etc) and specific information about a particular port (such as the port's byelaws, acceptance tables, etc).

All plans published on this website are current plans. If you wish to be informed when a plan is amended or replaced please register your interest with ABP's Marine Administrator -

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Latest Notices

10 of 2014 - Increase to Wrach Channel Allowance

5 of 2015 - Communication Passage Bridge, Cardiff closed until further notice

9 of 2014 - Fisheries Surveys - Swansea Bay

4 of 2014 - Road reconstruction - East Way Road - Port of Newport - 0800hrs Mon 14th April, 2014 to Tues 15th April, 2014

8 of 2014 - Repairs to St Julians Viaduct, Newport

3 of 2014 - East Security Gate at the Port of Cardiff will be closed on Sunday 16th of Febuary from 7.30am to 4pm