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11 of 2020

Newport No 5 Buoy Normal Conditions Restored, River Usk

10 of 2020

Dangerous Obstruction River Tawe, Swansea

9 of 2020

Diving Operations on the RNLI Pontoon, Barry Outer Harbour

8 of 2020

Barry Outer Harbour Dredging Campaign

7 of 2020

Swansea, Port Talbot and Cardiff Channel Dredging Campaigns

6 of 2020

Cardiff Wrach Channel Stemming Allowance Change

5 of 2020

Cardiff Ranie Buoy Light Restored

4 of 2020

Update to Swansea Lock Gate Replacement Works

3 of 2020

Cardiff Ranie Buoy Unlit

2 of 2020

Newport No 5 Buoy Unlit, River Usk

1 of 2020

Notice to Mariners still in Force as of January 1st 2020


52 of 2019

Swansea Channel Stemming Allowance Change

49 of 2019

Swansea, Port Talbot Channel and Tidal Harbour Dredging Campaign

43 of 2019

Swansea Lock Gate Replacement

41 of 2019

Port Talbot Old Dock and Cardiff Wrach Channel Stemming Allowance Change

21 of 2019

Swansea West Pier Unstable

16 of 2019

Update to Pilotage Directions with effect from April 1st 2019

13 of 2019

East Usk Lighthouse New Light Characteristics


9 of 2016

Marking of Fishing Gear - Swansea and Port Talbot